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A reputation for personal service We work hard to win your business.


A reputation for personal service

We work hard to win your business. And once we’ve partnered up, we make sure we never lose sight of how much you mean to us. In other words, we’re always in touch with you, always thinking of what the best solutions are to your logistic needs.

Our doors first opened for business in 1980, as Leach & Sons Transportation. Since then, we’ve taken on new challenges and new capabilities. But of those customers who were with us from the get-go, almost all are still with us today. In fact, in many cases we’ve made great investments in machines and manpower to accommodate the demands of our clients. It’s one of the many ways we tackle each case on an individual, face-to-face level.

Today, with 100 employees and over 600,000 square feet of space our greatest asset continues to be our flexibility. We’re firm believers in listening to our clients and finding ways to help them become more successful. It’s a philosophy that works for everyone involved.

Leach Logistics Warehousing

“Whether it’s the total picture or simply a few elements of it, you can rely on Leach Logistics to come up with the most effective solutions available.”


A logistical approach to the process of warehousing and distribution.

Leach Logistics is all about being efficient and adaptable, about working with you to find solutions – however complex or simple – to your packaging, storing and shipping needs. Sometimes that means managing every aspect of the process, from milling and packaging, to storing, shipping and tracking. Other times, it may require providing you with only that slice of the logistics pie you’re in need of.

To meet the diverse logistical needs of our partners, we offer the industry’s finest facilities, technology and expert staff. Our transportation fleet is an affiliate of Landstar, the nation’s most thorough network of air, land, container, and rail shipping. Milling processes are elaborate and diversified as well, including cryogenic milling procedures that are state-of-the-art. In addition to processing, we excel at packaging, from ribbon and v-blenders to volumetric fillers to bag and box lines. When it comes to storage you’ll find over 600,000 square feet of choices — cold storage, raw material storage, every imaginable form of storage you might require. Finally, all of our processing, packaging, storing and shipping capabilities would be for naught if it wasn’t for our outstanding people and the software they use to keep track of your product’s status.

To sum it up, we are what our name says we are – a true logistics company. Not a broker, not a company that dabbles in this and that. Simply a company dedicated to coming up with logistical solutions that are right for you.


Operating in the nation’s ideal business environment.

The elements of success are part of the natural fabric of the area. Northern Nevada is blessed with a pro-business environment where taxes are either non-existent or extremely attractive and corporate red tape is pleasantly absent. You’ll find no corporate tax, no unitary tax, and no inventory tax. And Nevada’s Freeport Law exempts taxation on all personal property in transit through the state while it’s being stored, assembled or processed for use in other states. There’s the advantage of being proximate to markets as well. Interstate 80, along with a major rail artery, are in our backyard – literally. An international airport is ten minutes away, California’s a thirty minute drive, and the rest of the region, nation, world can be reached immediately thanks to our strategic locale.

“This is a great place to live as well as work. That makes for a workforce that’s both healthy and motivated.”