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A logical approach to the process of warehousing and distribution.


A reputation for personal service

We work hard to win your business. And once we’ve partnered up, we make sure we never lose sight of how much you mean to us. In other words, we’re always in touch with you, always thinking of what the best solutions are to your logistic needs.

Our doors first opened for business in 1980, as Leach & Sons Transportation. Since then, we’ve taken on new challenges and new capabilities. But of those customers who were with us from the get-go, almost all are still with us today. In fact, in many cases we’ve made great investments in machines and manpower to accommodate the demands of our clients. It’s one of the many ways we tackle each case on an individual, face-to-face level.

Today, with 100 employees and over 600,000 square feet of space our greatest asset continues to be our flexibility. We’re firm believers in listening to our clients and finding ways to help them become more successful. It’s a philosophy that works for everyone involved.

Leach Logistics Warehousing
Leach Logistics Warehousing


Helping you find your inventory storage space..


Endless solutions to all your packaging needs.


Containing your unique product packing ideas.


Experienced in the art of assembling Pick & Pack lines that are flawlessly efficient.

Leach Logistics Transportation


Whether it’s incoming or outgoing, our capabilities are endless..


Completing the cycle of fulfillment..


Our racks and facilities house a variety of quality products from clients who demand the best of us. Among those companies are the following, along with a few words of support from those we work with:

Gilroy Foods

“Managing the co-packing process is no simple task. This crew (Leach) handles it effortlessly, on time, with no excuses and no hiccups along the way. They jump through hoops to help us at every curve. That’s what makes Leach an invaluable part of our company, of our family.”

Production Manager
HV Manufacturing (Hidden Valley Ranch)

“Leach Logistics handles our needs with precise attention to detail, everything from storing and assembling raw materials to warehouse and inventory control, receiving and shipping, assembly and tracking. Their logistical services are outstanding, and they have that rare ability to be flexible, to respond to changes in supply and demand. That’s vital to us.”

Project Manager, Operations Dept
Clif Bar & Company

“Our inventory expands and contracts, rarely remaining at a constant level. Leach’s flexibility allows me to find the space that’s the perfect fit for me – neither too much nor too little. That’s a feature of theirs that reflects positively on my bottom line.”

Universal Games