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Leach Logistics is all about being efficient and adaptable, about working with you to find solutions – however complex or simple – to your packaging, storing and shipping needs. Sometimes that means managing every aspect of the process, from milling and packaging, to storing, shipping and tracking. Other times, it may require providing you with only that slice of the logistics pie you’re in need of.

Leach Logistics Warehousing


Helping you find your inventory storage space.

Our inventory of storage space is impressive – over 600,000 square feet. But more attractive is our ability to customize. We can create expansive floor spaces or design more limited, cost-effective pockets of space. Whatever’s right for your budget and your needs, whether it’s cold storage, raw material storage, whatever imaginable form of storage you might require. Within the many walls of Leach Logistics are racking facilities, bulk storage sites, and public warehousing. We’ll work with you to locate the square footage that’s suited to your needs as well as your ambitions. And where inventory control and monitoring are concerned, we excel. Our Maves Warehousing System Software is seamless and state-of-the-art, always keeping us abreast of product inventory and activity.


Endless solutions to all your packaging needs.

Our track record for intricate and efficient procedures in cleaning, shaking, milling and blending is one we’re justifiably proud of. It’s a part of the process that many of the industry’s top food manufacturers entrust us with. We invest in top talent and equipment to ensure we maintain and grow that reputation.
 That aspect of our business is enhanced by an assortment of packaging methods. We label, shrink wrap, repack, bundle, box, bag, you name it. And if we haven’t got what you need for your packaging demands, we’ll get it. It’s part of the investment we’re prepared to make in creating a successful alliance with you.


Containing your unique product packing ideas.

We wouldn’t truly be experts in fulfillment if we didn’t excel at organizing, racking, stacking and packing your products. Many of our clients have very unique packing requirements for which we’ve researched and purchased necessary equipment. In addition, we extensively train those in charge of the many packing procedures. If re-packing is an issue, no problem. It’s part of our everyday job description. Give us whatever special requirements you have and we’ll rise to the task. Palletizing and labeling are second nature to us as well.


Experienced in the art of assembling Pick & Pack lines that are flawlessly efficient.

Another requisite for being a well-rounded logistics company is the inclusion of Pick-Pack services. At Leach, we’re experienced in the art of assembling Pick-Pack lines that are flawlessly efficient. Items are shipped to us in bulk and are then broken down into individualized, customized orders. From that point we handle the distribution of those orders. Whatever size your needs demand, we’ll pack to fit the order. It’s a service that helps reduce labor and shipping costs down the road
Leach Logistics Transportation


Whether it’s incoming or outgoing, our capabilities are endless..

In terms of shipping, whether it’s incoming or outgoing, our capabilities are endless. As Landstar agents, we offer truck, rail, container and air services that are the nation’s best. Our fleet includes dry vans, flatbeds, refrigerator units, stepdeck trailers, and oversized trailers. We can also calculate truckload rates in less than an hour as well as orchestrate freight consolidations that result in substantial discounts. Our facility includes seven railside docks. And Reno Tahoe International Airport is just ten minutes away. In short, we’re willing and able to ship your items in the most timely and sensible fashion available, whether it’s across town or around the world.


Completing the cycle of fulfillment..

The process of cleaning, shaking, grinding and processing for the food industry is a closely-monitored and intricate aspect of the business, one that demands efficiency and accountability. At Leach Logistics, we spare no expense in purchasing talent and equipment that are the best in the industry. Following are a few specific examples of some of our milling and processing equipment: Grinding: -Jacobson Pulverizing Mill -D6 Fitzmill -D12 Fitzmill -Micromill (cryogenic). Blending: -Double Ribbon Horizontal Mixer -Gemco Cannister Blender Sifting: -Great Western. Others: -Taylor Box/Bag Fill Station -Rare Earth Magnets -Metal Detection System -Heat Seal Capabilities.