Completing the cycle of fulfillment.

The process of cleaning, shaking, grinding and processing for the food industry is a closely-monitored and intricate aspect of the business, one that demands efficiency and accountability. At Leach, we spare no expense in purchasing talent and equipment that are the best in the industry. Following are a few specific examples of some of our milling and processing equipment:

  • Grinding:
    • -Jacobson Pulverizing Mill
    • -D6 Fitzmill
    • -D12 Fitzmill
    • -Micromill (cryogenic)
  • Blending:
    • -Double Ribbon Horizontal Mixer
    • -Gemco Cannister Blender
  • Sifting:
    • -Great Western
  • Others:
    • -Taylor Box/Bag Fill Station
    • -Rare Earth Magnets
    • -Metal Detection System
    • -Heat Seal Capabilities

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